About me

                                                            picture by M.D.Mahindapala


Photography has been a part of my life since childhood. Kodak Brownie 620 camera I got from my neighbor in 1974 is the first in my collection of cameras.

My passion for photography developed along with my passion for wildlife and travel. Wildlife pictures of Nihal Fernando of Studio Times, Sri Lanka inspired me even before I touched a Camera.


Being a native of Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka, I have experienced year-round summers and beauties of tropical landscapes. Now, living in Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S.A., I have been capturing the beauties of frigid cold winters as well as the sizzling summers of Southeastern Wisconsin. 

I believe that photography is a strong communication method of sharing your feelings of the moment you capture, inspiring a person who wasn’t even a part of it.  A simple slideshow of a land far away can easily enlighten someone who has never been there.

Although my passion is wildlife, vivid moments of the mundane life, memorable family times, sports and hustle bustle of the crowded cities add color to my collection of photographs.

I am currently using a Canon EOS 5D MK 3 together with a EOS 20 D digital SLR cameras and retired Fuji Fine pix S2 pro few years back.  In this site, you are mostly looking at the pictures taken after 2003, using digital cameras. You can see some of the pre digital pictures in the “Film gallery”.

I am a TV Cameraman by profession, and started my career in 1982 at Sri Lanka’s National
TV Corporation (Rupavahini), Colombo where I worked until 1999. Currently I work for WISN TV-Channel 12 in Milwaukee, WI - one of the Americas best ABC stations.

Look through my galleries to find out more of my work.

All the Photographs on this website are Copyrighted to Saman Wanniarachchi of Waukesha,WI, USA.